Hello, friends! I’m Shaila Palamand, founder of the ChirpmoreTM brand and the Bird BrainsTM trivia game. Birding is a long-time hobby of mine, and although I’ve birdwatched in multiple areas of the US and many other countries, the inspiration for this game actually came from my own backyard in North Texas.

Male Painted Bunting and House Finch

Over the course of several years, I transformed my humble backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® and a registered Monarch Waystation (while still following all of the subdivision’s rules!) From this yard alone, with its bordering woods and view of the sky above nearby Lake Lewisville, I sighted 99 bird species and 37 butterfly species. The process of honing my bird identification skills and learning more about bird behavior and the environment overall served as the inspiration to create a trivia game, to enable fellow nature lovers to have fun with their birding knowledge and learn more too.

 All feedback and questions are welcome! Feel free to drop us a line at info@chirpmore.com

And stay tuned… Additional Chirpmore products are coming soon!